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Combining a Lounge and Restaurant

September 22, 2009

There may be many combined restaurants and lounges  out there, but to seamlessly combine the two is no easy task. Nick Hawk’s Koi restaurant is an example of a lounge and restaurant combination that appeals to diners and loungers alike. Both can enjoy or ignore the other.

Catering to a crowd that wants to be in the thick of things may be the key to the success. If someone wants to dine, they can easily feel comfortable in their surroundings. If they want to quickly be a part of something going on in the lounge they can just as easily be a part of that.

The opportunity for diners to be able feel like they can be a part of the liveliness when they desire is the main appeal of Nick Hawk’s Koi restaurant. People who want to be a part of the action will go to the lounge. People who want to dine will stay in their comfortable booths. Most importantly however, people who want to both dine and lounge can be a part of both simultaneously.

Prepare For Restaurant Expansion – Before It’s Too Late

September 22, 2009

Expansion is likely the main goal for restaurant investors. To try and make something that is applicable to many regions should be a goal if you set your sights on expansion. Nick Haque’s Koi restaurant is something you can reference when trying to understand what it takes to make a restaurant that can be loved my many global regions.

You should strive to create a restaurant that has a universal theme. Whatever theme you pick, it should be comfortable and classy. Nick Haque’s Koi restaurant is probably so successful in any region it opens up in because of its universal appeal. Comfortable, chic, welcoming, and delicious, is what people look for in a restaurant. Try to keep this in mind before you spend too much time and effort trying to apply a mid-western theme to a New York City location.

Design is Important With Restaurants

September 18, 2009

Nick Haque’s Koi restaurant will show you insight into how a restaurant can be successful because of the care that’s put into it. The proprietor had a clear image of what he wanted, and was able to convey that to the designers. If designers are given free reign, then the chances that focus will be lost is increased.

Creating a restaurant with an overall goal in mind will help everyone. If you want the restaurant to have a theme, make sure you stick to it throughout the design process. The fact is that customers appreciate a clear vision. They want to be able to be a part of it in a certain way. When you design a restaurant with a clear image of what you want, there is less of a chance that the product will be the diluted dream of a few designers.

The restaurant we use as an example is Nick Haque’s Koi restaurant. The owner made sure he was a main visionary for the restaurant. His hands on approach is what led to his success and the way the public views his restaurant.

Restaurants in Los Angeles

September 17, 2009

There are many restaurants in Los Angeles that are noted for their impeccable dining experience. Katana and Nick Hawk‘s Koi are two examples of restaurants that rise through the ranks.

The dining experience they both offer is somewhat  unique. The atmosphere is welcoming and the food is delicious, but it seems the allure is much deeper than that.

Being a part of cultural icons is important to a lot of people. Society chooses who defines this and then follows it. Celebrities are people in the public eye that have been given the privilege to be a part of defining culture.

Affluent people are also a part of this, but as they’re not in the public eye, the celebrity is the first to inform. Katana and Nick Hawk‘s Koi restaurant have both become iconic with the help of celebrity influence.

How Is a Restaurant Successful

September 17, 2009

Koi restaurant is an excellent example of a great business model. Nick Haque is the brains behind the operation, which started in Los Angeles and has expanded across the united states and internationally. If you think about it, it’s really interesting how upscale franchises start out. You may be able to get through the first wave of good press if you invite celebrities to partake in opening events, but to take a restaurant international there has got to be some legitimate appeal to it.

It’s hard to say the the success of Nick Hawk’s (his pseudonym) restaurant has been successful solely on the celebrity clientele. Walking inside any of the locations, and you can see that the rooms were designed to be comfortably dined in. Feng Shui helps the atmosphere, increasing the positive perception of the surroundings.

As it is a restaurant, the food must be good for it to be a success. It would be hard to imagine opening up another branch of a high end restaurant that is notorious for not delivering in the food department.

Perhaps the success of the restaurant has to to with vision. If someone has a clear vision of what their successful restaurant will be like, the odds of it happening increase. Humans notoriously think alike, so if someone feels they understand themselves and the dining experience they want, if they achieved it for themselves they may have achieved it for many others.