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Celebrities at Nick Haque Koi: Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

June 28, 2011

Spotting a celebrity at Nick Haque Koi is just a regular day at the Los Angeles restaurant Koi.  That is why if you have friends visiting from out of town this is a good restaurant to take them to.  It is an extremely fun dining experience and let’s face it, many visitors to Los Angeles hope to see a celebrity on their trip.  Not only might you see a celebrity if you are dining at Nick Haque’s Koi, but you will also feel like one.  This is because the service at Koi is top of the line as is the food.  The chefs expertly prepare Japanese fusion food.  There are even options for those on diets.  One example of a recent celebrity siting at Koi was mentioned in Life & Style Magazine.  One June 11, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were spotted at the restaurant with their three daughters.  You just never know who may be dining next to you when you visit Koi!

Floral Inspiration at Nick Haque Koi

June 24, 2011

There are many inspirations that go into the food and beverages at Nick Haque Koi.  The restaurant is a Japanese fusion restaurant which uses a variety of fresh ingredients.  This restaurant has several locations and is very popular in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Bangkok.  Koi is on the cutting edge of the latest trends in food culture. That is why they have started using flowers in some of their beverage.  One Koi bartender, Ben Waclaw, to the New York post that flowers get peoples attention.  Flowers add a unique and special touch to beverages.  There are a variety of flowers that can be used in drinks but remember, not all flowers are edible.  Some flowers are poisonous so be careful to research on the right flowers before you try this at home.  For some examples of the popular flowers used in beverages try the following–violet, lavender, elderflower, and hibiscus.  These flowers are sure to add a refreshing touch and lovely scent to your beverages.

Esquire Hostess of the Week from Nick Haque Koi

June 3, 2011

Carolina Kreckler from Nick Haque Koi was recently named hostess of the week!  It is no surprise that a Koi hostess would win this honor.  Koi has excellent service and a great staff.  Carolina Krecker, who is originally from Argentina loves sushi, and since she wanted to get into the restaurant industry she found a hostess job at Koi.  Miss Kreckler seems to have a great sense of humor as she jokes with Esquire about her accent, nicknames, and of course LA stereotypes.  There are many Los Angeles stereotypes and Carolina has seen many of them walk through the doors of Koi.  Carolina has a great attitude and explains, “If I’m frustrated, I usually go to the bathroom, breathe a couple times, and come out with a smile. My goal is to smile. I have a very big smile. I kill people with my smile. How can you be mad at me!You know? I’m joking. But I do make people feel comfortable. It’s something I learned from my mother.”